When should I get a new headshot?

Does your current headshot look like you?
If it is a few years old or you have a new look, will you easily
be remembered and connected to that photo?
If you feel that your career needs a kickstart, a new look and a new
headshot are a great step to make that happen.
If you are not happy with your current headshots or if you would
like more of a variety of looks.

What is included?

1 hr of private coaching to help you get the best headshot possible
30+ of your best images will be uploaded to a private website which
you can use to choose your favourite images, or send the link to
your agent or anyone you trust to help you choose.
6 images re-touched in colour and b&w and sent you in high
resolution for printing as well as web resolution for online display.

How many photos do I get?

6 images re-touched in colour and b&w are included and sent you in high
resolution for printing as well as web resolution for online display.
Extra images are available upon request.

What can i use my headshots for?

To promote yourself. Send them to your agent. They can
also be submitted as a bio pic for a programme or if a newspaper
needs a photo of you for an interview. International casting
directors sometimes require you to print a headshot with your CV.
You may also use your headshot as a profile image on any social
media or your own website.

What about make-up?

This is for all genders! A make-up artist can be booked to be at
the studio for you. This is optional depending on how comfortable
you feel doing your own. If you have blotchy, red, uneven or
problem skin, I would recommend using a professional.
If you are doing your own make-up, go simple, natural, as you
would do for a casting. Too little is better than too much, you can
always add more during the shoot.

Do you retouch the photos?

Re-touching gives your images a professional finish
During this process, wrinkles are softened; eyes brightened; spots
removed; stray hairs removed etc.
You won't be overly airbrushed, just enhanced. You should still look like
the same person when you go to an audition.

What's your turn around time?

You will receive your digital proofsheet within the week of the shoot and
once you have chosen your favourites, there is a turnaround of 1 week.

What should I wear?

The idea is to keep it as neutral as possible while looking your best.
Avoid logos, frilly necklines, patterns, bulky clothing and jewellery.
Choose neutral colours or colours that you know work well with
your skin tone. If this stresses you out, you can always ask me for
suggestions or to help you choose in the studio. Tops/shirts with
a slim fit and little bit of stretch in them work well.

How do we book you?

Send me a message via my contact page and I will reply with a calendar of available dates and times.